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Servicenumber: 33809563






Age: 27
Born: 18 February 1917, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hometown: Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Family: Michael Sylvestro (father)
Jennie Sylvestro (mother)
John Sylvestro (brother)
Alfred Sylvestro (brother)
Gilda Sylvestro (sister)
Frank Sylvestro (brother)
Nathalie Sylvestro (sister)
Eldolina Sylvestro (sister)
Sarah Sylvestro (sister)
Rank: Private
Function: Not available
Regiment: 10th Infantry Regiment
Battalion: Not available
Division - Transport: 5th Infantry Division
Company Squadron: Not available
Unit - Group: -
Plane data: (Serialnumber, MACR, etc.) -
Date of death: 21 September 1944
Status: DOW
Place of death: Not available
Spot: Not available
Awards: Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Plot J, Row 29, Grave 11
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Lorraine
Biography: -
Other information: Pvt. Nicholas J. Sylvestro enlisted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 4 January 1944.

He attended 1 year of High School and was a shipping clerk before he enlisted.

At the time of his death the 10th Infantry Regiment was engaged in the vicinity of Pournoy-la-Chétive, France.

He was first buried in the U.S.Temporary Cemetery St. James, St. James, France.

Source of information: Leo Minne,,, – WWII Enlistment Record, – 1930 Census / Headstone and Interment Record /Pennsylvania Veteran Compensation Application, A footsoldier for Patton / Michael C. Bilder James G. Bilder, The 5th Infantry division in the ETO,
Photo source: -


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