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WIGGIN, Everett M

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WIGGIN, Everett Mark

Servicenumber: 31376647


Wiggin Everett M 01

 Wiggin Everett M 01-1

Wiggin Everett M 02

Wiggin Everett M 4

Age: 34
Born: 3 May 1910, Conway, Carroll County, New Hampshire
Hometown: Conway, Carroll County, New Hampshire
Family: Mark Wiggin (father)
Amber P. (Harriman) Wiggin (mother)
Arthur Wiggin (brother)
Irving A. Wiggin (brother)
Fred E. Wiggin (brother)
Marion L. (David) Wiggin (sister)
Frances L. (Morrill) Wiggin (sister)
John V. Wiggin (brother)
Mark Wiggin (brother)
Ralph W. Wiggin (brother)
Perley R. Wiggin (brother)
Neal A. Wiggin (brother)
Raymond Wiggin (brother)
Clara M. (Budroe) Wiggin (wife)
Reginald Wiggin (son)
Leona Wiggin (daughter)
Roberta Wiggin (daughter)
Audrey Wiggin (daughter)
Rank: Private
Function: Not available
Regiment: 120th Infantry Regiment
Battalion: Not available
Division – Transport: 30th Infantry Division
Company – Squadron: Not available
Unit – Group: -
Plane data:
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)
Date of death: 15 January 1945
Status: KIA
Place of death: Thirimont, Belgium
Spot: Not available
Awards: Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Plot B, Row 9, Grave 38
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Henri-Chapelle
Biography: -
Other information: Everett enlisted on 6 July 1944 at Manchester, New Hampshire. He died during the Battle of the Bulge.

Source of information: Astrid van Erp, Aimee Fogg,,
Social Security Death Index / Marriage Record Index / 1930 Census / Army Enlistment Record,

Photo source: Astrid van Erp, Gail Gordon / Joyce Wiggin-Robbins, Roberta Wiggin Webster


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